Horsemanship Club

Every day is different

Our unique rotating station model means you're learning something new every session

Holistic Approach

Learn so much more than just how to ride. Experiences include mental and physical development, how to safely handle horses on the ground, horse care, and developing a strong, independent seat

Life Lessons

Horses mirror our conscious and unconscious character. Here at HoofbeatZ USA, we are focused on developing qualities that will serve our students in all aspects of life including empowerment, mindfulness, and empathetic leadership.


Our structured program allows our students to grow and develop with measurable benchmarks that are demonstrated at the pace of each individual, using both theory and practical skills. More difficult concepts are introduced as the student progresses. These riding and horsemanship benchmarks provide a strong foundation for success and allow students to confidently pursue their goals in any equine endeavor.


The horse industry can be intimidating, costly and confusing for a newcomer to navigate. HoofbeatZ USA takes out the guesswork by providing a low-cost, low-commitment introduction to the horse world and a structured program that can take you from beginner to professional and anywhere in between.


HoobeatZ USA's patented experiential learning stations include EZ Ride, Speak Horse, Safe Ride, General Ride and our Mechanical Horse Simulator. Our program enhances safety by allowing new students to find their balance by progressing through the stations, developing a secure and confident seat. More importantly, we teach equine psychology, allowing students to understand and anticipate equine behavior. This develops trust and partnership between horse and rider, encouraging a willingness and enthusiasm in both.


HoofbeatZ USA specializes in "edutainment," making learning about horses so fun that both children and adults can't wait to discover more. With unique stations every time you visit, there is always a new skill to hone and a new game to play along the journey of learning!