Meet the Horse

Meet the Horse is a great icebreaker for newcomers to the equestrian world and is both fun and informative

This is a one-off experience offered to all ages, giving an opportunity to meet a number of different horses and breeds in a safe, affordable and fun environment. We offer an extended version of this for school groups around the region (see School/Educational Visits). An ideal non-pressure format for people to overcome their fear of horses.

This innovative workshop is unique to HoofbeatZ™ USA. It is a great icebreaker for newcomers and is both fun and informative. Students are given the opportunity to meet horses in a safe and fun environment and are taught the basics of horse behaviour alongside caring for and handling horses. Each student will have the chance to get close to a horse whether they are grooming, leading or learning to “Speak Horse”. HoofbeatZ™ USA has  a mechanical bucking horse that helps riding students to improve their balance and confidence on horseback. Riding the simulators is always a popular and fun activity – it’s also good exercise. Our Meet The Horse Experience is a fun-filled and exciting day full of excellent opportunities to learn.

Prices vary depending on numbers and workshop duration. Please contact HoofbeatZ™ USA for details.