The HoofbeatZ USA Difference

HoofbeatZ USA is an innovative program unique to the United States.

Our vision is to go above and beyond just riding lessons. The HoofbeatZ USA program develops confident, empathetic, well-educated horsemen capable of excelling in any future horse-related discipline. We achieve this goal through the use of our patented, structured program that educates horse enthusiasts on the ground as well as in the saddle. Students are immersed in true horsemanship skills and learn how to communicate in a language innate to horses.

Typical Riding Program

Students are often expected to provide their own riding clothes, equipment and riding helmet.Students just learn how to ride, which is only one small aspect of becoming a true equestrian

New students are expected to learn multiple complex skills simultaneously, often struggling with all of them. This delays development for months or years and frequently creates counterproductive habits that prevent the student from progressing at higher levels

Over time, the rider will develop riding skills, but often horse care skills are not developed unless the rider purchases their own horse.

Purchasing your own horse makes you comfortable with only one horse’s movement and gaits.

Focus of riding lessons is on competing and winning.

  • HoofbeatZ USA is truly beginner friendly! Though riders may choose to buy some of this attire as they progress, we provide the basic safety equipment to get you started. Riders will need long pants and closed toe shoes.

  • Students are taught how to properly saddle and care for horses on the ground, including learning horse psychology and horse care, in addition to exceptional riding skills.

  • Rider development takes priority at HoofbeatZ USA. Our station model isolates the necessary skills and develops them independently, then combines them intuitively to accelerate learning.

  • Should a HoofbeatZ USA student choose to purchase or lease a horse of their own, they will have the skill set to confidently care for and communicate with their horses, and HoofbeatZ USA will offer continued education to both horse and rider.

  • HoofbeatZ USA students learn to ride a wide variety of horses, producing well-rounded, secure riders.

  • Focus of HoofbeatZ USA program is on achieving structured horsemanship goals, developing a bond with horses, and becoming well-rounded, well-educated horse-people in a community of other horse lovers. Here, students not only learn to ride, but develop invaluable life skills and grow as individuals.