Our Philosophy

Unharnessing the Passion

HoofbeatZ USA embodies the philosophy that is geared towards creating value for both man and horse. We are passionate about horses and their unique relationship with humans. We believe that interaction with horses should be available to anyone regardless of their background or experience.

The HoofbeatZ USA philosophy permeates every sphere of society and enhances equine related activities by practicing core values of TRUST, DIGNITY, SUSTAINABILTY and FUN.
Eileen Verdieck

The program seeks to improve the quality of life and productive longevity of horses, raise the skills and knowledge base of horse care-takers and expand the horse’s reach beyond that of the usual horse enthusiast to include the general public and those not familiar with horses. HoofbeatZ USA is where this ancient bond between man and horse can be vividly rediscovered or forged anew.

Mission Statement

HoofbeatZ USA is committed to broadening the base of the horse industry by making horses and horsemanship accessible to more and more people of all experience levels to give them the skill sets to enjoy a unique journey into the world of horses. Our point of difference is to provide edutainment as a means of attracting and educating newcomers into the world of horses and then introducing them to the joys and the many diverse ways of being involved with the horse.