Our People


Eileen Verdieck: Founder & President

pioneer in the Arabian horse industry, Eileen has enjoyed a lengthy and prestigious career, and is recognized worldwide as one of the leading authorities on the breeding and marketing of Arabian horses. As a trainer, judge, and consultant, she has won numerous international awards which stand as testimony to her dedication to the Arabian breed. Eileen Verdieck is widely considered the foremost influence in the world on the international market, servicing, and buying power of Arabian horses – particularly the Middle East – over the last several decades.

Eileen’s formative years would be set at the legendary Imperial Egyptian Stud when as a young trainer, she was handed the reigns at the request of owner Barbara Griffith to not only train, but also sell. Through a tenacity rooted in innovation, Eileen developed newcomer programs, traveled extensively, developed entire new markets, and learned how to breed a better horse.

 She began to quickly demonstrate not only her exceptional eye for type and horsemanship abilities but also a deeply embedded marketing clout through two highly acclaimed Imperial films “To Fly Without Wings” and the award-winning “Genesis… A Continuation.”

In 2000, Eileen felt a tug to take a break from selling and indulge her passion: Introducing children and newcomers to the Arabian horse, through the launch of the hailed HoofbeatZ USA program–ground-breaking horsemanship program aimed at introducing new equestrians of all ages to the joy and fulfillment a horse can bring. She has also developed a series of riding courses based on natural horsemanship techniques. These are designed to encourage people to learn how to ride intuitively and safely much more quickly than conventional methods. She is an inspiring and dedicated teacher and her approach has won much acclaim from her students and visitors to HoofbeatZ USA.

The intimate relationships she has formed in the Middle East and throughout the world from a lifetime with the Arabian horse, combined with innovative intention that endlessly reaches outside the status quo has positioned Eileen with a superlative capability to tap into markets that other people simply cannot.

Needless to say, it has worked.

“I believe in giving people the opportunity to fall in love and become passionate about the Arabian horse. If you become involved with a horse – of any breed ­– they will make you a better human being.”


Bill Rodgers: General Manager

Bill Rodgers has been involved in the Equine industry for over 30 years. He has successfully shown, trained, and managed Arabian show horses, as well as show barns. Bill has been involved in the development of Equine Products such as Freedom Holistic Saddles and Succeed DCP. He also has been active in youth and 4-H equine promotion throughout his career.

“When I first heard about HoofbeatZ USA I had to get involved. It’s unique, exciting, and offers something for everyone. I always felt that you can tell you excel in something when you love doing it.”


Maureen Verdieck: Administrative Executive

Maureen’s love for horses started at the age of 4 when her sister Eileen (age 12) bought her first horse. Eileen having no choice but to babysit her sister, just tossed Maureen on the back of her horse and their love of horses brought them through many trails in life.

After Eileen finished college, Maureen left home to join Eileen at Verdieck Equine Center in Albuquerque and won Top Ten Awards under Eileen’s guidance. Maureen then traveled with Eileen to Imperial Egyptian Stud where she became involved in the breeding and foaling department. Maureen then continued her career at Wyerwood and Whitehaven Farms.

Maureen left equines behind to raise a family until Eileen reached out to her to come to the Middle East to join the HoofbeatZ program in 2012 and is now Administrative Executive for HoofbeatZ USA.