About Us

HoofbeatZ USA is an innovative program unique to the United States.

Our vision is to go above and beyond just riding lessons. The HoofbeatZ USA program develops confident, empathetic, well-educated horsemen capable of excelling in any future horse-related discipline. We achieve this goal through the use of our patented, structured program that educates horse enthusiasts on the ground as well as in the saddle. Students are immersed in true horsemanship skills and learn how to communicate in a language innate to horses.

Anyone that has been following my career over the last 48 years mostly knows me for my showing, marketing, and promotion of the Arabian horse around the world.
Anyone that really knows me is aware of my other passion, which is my belief that we who love these horses need to do whatever we can to introduce more newcomers to this wonderful world of the horse.
During the last 20 years, while I lived in Dubai, I created a unique, innovative, and fun way to introduce thousands of newcomers to horses through the programs and activities at HoofbeatZ in the Middle East.
Recently, HoofbeatZ USA launched in Scottsdale AZ, and in spite of these difficult times, the program has been growing daily with critical acclaim and already has introduced hundreds of people to the curriculum-based activities we offer at HoofbeatZ USA.
HoofbeatZ USA provides win/win solutions for the Students, Horses, and Staff by:
• Broadening the base of horse lovers and providing
welcoming, safe, rewarding activities with the support
that they need in their journey.
• Giving many horses a second chance, using our custom
training program, to become safe and willing partners
• Supply education and opportunity to our staff and others
to have a career in the horse industry, not just a job!