HoofbeatZ launches Equine Solution Software

May 14, 2014

HoofbeatZ has launched its dedicated equine solution software called HoofbeatZ Equine Solutions Software (HESS). It is to be launched at a very cost effective price of $500 per month with a one time set up fee of $1,000.
for enquires email info@hoofbeatz.com

Features are:

Cloud hosted (you can use from any computer)
1. HESS is a comprehensive solution for managing the complete operations of a Horse Riding Center.
2. Main Modules for HESS are :
a. Master Information
b. Operations
c. Scheduler
d. Report Manager
e. Administration
3. Master Module has screens for capturing all master information like
a. Resources -> Customer / Horse / Trainer / Arena / Groom / Horse Owner
b. Category -> Customizable Categories of Lesson Level (Beginner , Intermediate , Advanced)
Lesson Type: Group / Semi Private / Private
Arena Category -> Big Arena / Medium / Small etc.
Horse Category -> Big / Medium / Small etc.
c. Capacity -> Capacity is defined for each Horse in terms of how many times it can go out in a day and for how much time.
Trainer Capacity -> in terms of how many students per lesson of particular type
Groom Capacity -> in terms of how many times he can go out in a day and for how much time.
Arena -> in terms of how many students per lesson of particular type
This capacity matrix helps to control over use of any resource.
d. Common -> to maintain Nationality, Holiday Types , Leave Types, Vaccination Types etc
4. Operations Module has following options:
a. Finance: In this screen we capture how many lessons customer want, how much amount he paid and we enter a unique receipt number. This Receipt Number is used in entire scheduling to track how many lessons customer wants, how many are scheduled , how many are consumed and how many are balance. Get a Profit and Loss statement, by item, by category etc.
b. Working Hours: Ability to define Riding Center flexible working hours so that lessons can be created within the working hours
c. Block Entity: If Trainer goes on leave or Horse gets injured then you can come here and create block which will show all lessons which needs to be changed. Once you update all lessons then only you can create block. This will make sure that trainers are properly allocated once any trainer goes on leave.
d. Holiday Period: You can define holidays, and same like block you cannot create lessons on holiday period.
e. Conversation Log: Ability to quickly enter the tele-conversations with customer, to keep track of when customer was called, what was the subject and what was the response.
f. Medical Treatment: To record Horse vaccination and ability to set reminder when vaccination should be taken next.
5. Scheduler Module provides a simple and intuitive ways of creating lessons and maintaining them.
a. Check Availability: A timeline based calendar to quickly check the schedules of each day which is grouped by each dimension like Customer / Horse / Trainer / Arena
b. Lesson: Facility to create Individual lessons one by one, once you select the customer and receipt number then based on that available Horse / Trainer and Arena will appear which are free.
c. Add Schedules: Facility to add multiple lessons at a time for customer, once you create lessons then it will show all conflicts to be resolved, and then you can save.
d. Update Schedules: Facility to update one lesson or multiple lessons at a time.
e. Delete Lessons: You can delete the lessons
f. Copy Schedule: Facility to Copy lessons from one date to another with same Horse / Trainer / Arena.
g. Update Status: Facility for Front desk staff to quickly go to lessons and update their status whether students attended, cancelled or were absent.
h. Update Groom: Facility to add up to two grooms for each lesson (two grooms for physically challenged student)
6. Report Manager provides reports with flexible criteria and ability to export to pdf and excel.
7. Administration Module
a. HESS uses Role based security, where each user has a role and all securities are assigned to the role.
b. Complete Menu level security is role based, you can control which screens user should see and should not see.
c. Table level security is also role based, where you can control a user can whether Read / Add / Update / Delete record.
d. Reports level security where you can give assign which user should see which reports.
e. Detail Audit Trail is maintained.

Version Enhancements in June 2014.

As our effort to continuously improve the solution, we are currently working on following points for release In June 2014
1. Credit System:
a. Earlier Receipt Number was always required to create lessons. But now we are working on updating the process and remove this mandate. Instead of this we will give a credit limit amount to each customer, and receipt creation in operation module. This will allow the staff to create lessons as soon as student registers but within credit limit control.
b. Once the customer pays the money then his account will be affected accordingly.
c. Receipt printing option from the system.
d. Credit Limit can be changed by finance user.
2. Trainer Charge Matrix:
a. Earlier there was no provision to define charges for trainer.
b. Staff will be allowed to define three dimensional ways of assigning cost of Trainer
– By Horse Type
– By Time (30,45,60)
– By Lesson Type (Private, Semi Group, Group)
c. When Staff is creating lessons for a customer, then based on lesson, lesson cost will be pulled from above matrix.
d. We will be able to pull out reports as in how much we have to charge a customer.
e. If trainer charge is not defined then ,the cost field will be empty and later staff can enter the cost based
on the dimensions.
f. When entering cost, we will have option to put default charge for trainer.

3. Horse Vaccination:
Certain vaccination like Equine Influenza has primary, secondary shot, where if you missed the shot you have to repeat the cycle from beginning. We are working on providing this facility.
4. Horse Pedigree Information:
a. Extra fields in Horse Master to capture pedigree, gender, color, chip no, passport number etc
b. Ability to define multiple horse owners.
5. Horse Location Tracking
a. Create locations for complete stable in the system
b. Define maximum capacity of each location.
c. Assign location to each horse.
d. Report to know which location of each horse, which location is free.
6. Online Portal for Customers / Trainers / Horse Owners
a. Customer should be able to login to the system and should have limited read only access to View schedule , View Receipts, View Reports
b. Task based Request Management system where in user can create request to either create lesson, update lesson. This request will go to staff and they will do the respective actions and close the request.
7. Stable Invoicing
a. Simple module to capture invoices in the system.
b. And ability to view reports for Stable invoices.
8. Responsive User Interface which can work on any mobile, tablet or desktop.