Al Saheel Show

“Al Saheel” meaning ‘voice of the horse’ is an equine-themed entertainment extravaganza featuring specially-trained performing horses, riders and entertainment acts.

Shorter versions of the Al Saheel Show are available for corporate entertainment and events

Designed to appeal to people with little or no knowledge of horses and equine enthusiasts alike, our spectacular show will not fail to impress. Acts include traditional Spanish dressage, stunt riding, humorous tricks, and liberty acts that showcase the traditional Arab Bedouin skills of equine communication.  We are also the first equestrian stunt team ever to perform using pyrotechnics on horseback. Combined with dramatic music, lighting, costumes and dancers, these extraordinary acts come together to create a magical evening that will appeal to all ages. With a repertoire of over 40 acts of various sizes and impact, HoofbeatZ™ manages to sweep its audiences into a different world – from the Arabian desert over the Mediterranean sea to a magical, imaginary world.

The HoofbeatZ™ stables house the widest variety of horse breeds in the country and the Al Saheel show is the perfect opportunity to witness and appreciate the beauty, intelligence, flexibility and grace of the horse. Bred originally in isolation in the desert, the bloodlines of the Arabian horse can now be traced in most other breeds of horse around the world. Al Saheel traces the history and influence of the Arabian horse from the desert sands to other countries and continents and showcases the unique talents and characteristics of Arabians and other breeds.

HoofbeatZ™ horses include stunning Spanish Andalusian and Lusitano dressage horses, mighty black Friesians from Europe, American Quarter horses, Pintos, miniature horses and a whole herd of beautiful Arabians, some of whom were rescue horses that have been completely re-trained and rehabilitated by the HoofbeatZ™ training team.

Shorter versions of the Al Saheel Show are available for corporate entertainment and events
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