Horsemanship Club

Introduction to Horsemanship

A fantastic introduction to horsemanship for children aged 5-18 years. This on-going course covers the basics of stable management, riding, simulators and SpeakHorse™.

The Club sessions are on Friday and Saturday afternoon from 4 PM onwards. Students get handouts, and hands on experience working through different stations.

Dh 275 per session for members, DH 350 for non-members. (Block of 4 lessons must be purchased).
Duration: 2 hours once a week (on going program leading to certifications).

*Terms and conditions apply


“My three children are in the Horsemanship Course. The most obvious result has been the developement of an undying love and respect for horses. Second, there is their happiness before, during and after the class. And last, but not least, their desire to better themselves, not only as riders but also as persons. Thank you so very much for everybody’s kindness and patience, for your very special way of teaching horsemanship a perfect mix of high standards and tenderness. Looking forward to many, many more fantastic classes!” – Laure Capel-Dunn

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