Abu Dhabi Dressage Championship Final Day results

March 5, 2013

The following are the final day results.


Advanced Freestyle 

1st Lynn Redha   66.8 Al Hamra Stables

2nd Cristina Thompson  64.8 Reem Al Abbbar Stables

3. Susanna Foustok 63.8 DPEC

Elementary (Arabian ) Freestyle 

1st Hege Trulsen 66.9  Wrsan Stables

2nd Jasmine Hanson on Nasik 64.7 HoofbeatZ

3rd Ibrahim Lamhireche 63.2  Wrsan Stables


Medium (Arabians)

1st Hege Trulsen 70.1 Wrsan Stables

2nd Christel Langlios 66.7 Royal Stables

3rd Edith Christmas 62.3 EEC

Advanced Medium Freestyle

1st Cristina Calin Thompson 74.4  Reem al Abbar Stables

2nd Lynn al Redha 71.7  Al Hamra Stables

3rd Susanna Foustok 68.1



1st Cristina  C Thompson 66.3

2nd Lisande Eayrs on  Suerte 62.3  Hoofbeatz

3rd  Lisande Eayrs on Fancy Pants  61.7 HoofbeatZ

Novice Arabians

1st Jasmine Hanson on  Nasik 71.4 Hoofbeatz

2nd Karen Stewart Choat on  Joey 71.12 Hoofbeatz

3rd Ibrahim 68.4 Wrsan Stables

Prelim Arabs

1. Karen Stewart Choat  on Joey 67.9  Hoofbeatz

2. Karen Stewart Choat   On Halik 66.2 Hoofbeatz

3. Sadr sabri  royal stables 61.7

4. Laetitia Stoll 61.  royal stables


1. Karen Stewart Choat  Euwe 70.3 Hoofbeatz

2. Elizabeth  Glanville  al Asayl Stables 67.6

3. Gail Jacoby  EEC64.1

4. Sophie Dyball on  Posti 62.4 Hoofbeatz


Medium Freestyle


1. Lynn  al Redha  70  Al Hamra Stables