Our people

Eileen Verdieck – Co-Founder

A pioneer in the Arabian horse industry, Eileen has enjoyed a lengthy and prestigious career and is recognized worldwide as one of the leading authorities on the breeding and marketing of Arabian horses. As a trainer, judge, and consultant, she has won numerous prestigious international awards which stand as testimony to her dedication to the Arabian breed.

Originally from Colorado, USA, Eileen’s reputation and international exposure led her to the Middle East where she became influential in developing a number of regional horse breeding programs.  Now based in Dubai, UAE, she has been instrumental in the reintroduction of the Arabian horse into the region and has placed more than 400 horses in the Gulf States.

Eileen Verdieck and her professional team at HoofbeatZ™ work tirelessly to bring people and horses closer together in new, exciting and revolutionary relationships. Eileen is the creative director responsible for the unique Al Saheel show and HoofbeatZ™ corporate entertainment functions. She designs most of the acts and costumes herself and can often be found in her workshop covered in glue and glitter or wiring LED sets together to attach to the horses.

She has also developed a series of riding courses based on natural horsemanship techniques. These are designed to encourage people to learn how to ride intuitively and safely much more quickly than conventional methods. She is an inspiring and dedicated teacher and her approach has won much acclaim from her students and visitors to HoofbeatZ™.

lea forge

Lea Forge Senior Instructor Dubai

Lea brings a passion to HoofbeatZ that is infectious. Trained by the world famous Master Luis Valenca, and a part of their establishment for years, Lea has taught classical dressage in Portugal, and in many other countries. She has also performed in the Apassionate horse show in Europe. Lea is a very forward thinking dressage teacher and her lessons are fun and engaging.

lisa J

Lisa J Hanson

Client Support Manager- Dubai
Lisa started her involvement with HoofbeatZ through her daughter’s love for horses, who was our first client student. Lisa has worked as a volunteer helping from managing the client bookings, client calls, front desk support, show support and pretty much everything that needed attending to. While she works as a volunteer her passion for the values of HoofbeatZ and its mission statement is exemplary.

Marcia Cundy

Senior Instructor-Qatar.

Marcia in her own words:
“My experience with horses has been gained over a lifetime and in different disciplines on a variety of mixed yards. I have worked extensively in Great Britain with show jumpers and dressage horses and lived in Germany and competed in Europe and Ireland. I am a British Dressage trainer and British Equestrian Vaulting Director and Coach. I have trained horses and riders up to International level in Dressage, Equestrian Vaulting and Show jumping. I really enjoy working together coaching and being part of a team . I achieved a Sports Mentoring qualification to support this. I also love putting together freestyles to music in both dressage and vaulting. More recently I have been involved with vaulting and built up a home club in England.Before coming to Hoofbeatz I previously worked in Qatar as manageress of a mixed yard of 50 horses. I also enjoy waking up to 12 hours of sunshine every day!”


Ramona van der Sluis

Senior Instructor- Qatar.

Ramona has a wealth of experience having worked in Indonesia, Egypt, England and her native Holland. Very good with kids and beginners, Ramona is a natural with horses and has a strong leaning towards natural horsemanship. She has competed in Dressage and Jumping and also managed yards. She is placed in Al Shaqab Qatar as a part of the HoofbeatZ team.


Gunilla Larsson

Senior Instructor-Qatar

Gunilla has a rich experience with horses and has competed in eventing, show jumping and dressage. She has trained with the likes of Bo Jena and Peter Eriksson and she holds a Level III instructors diploma from Sweden. Through her career she has been involved in different roles from rider, instructor, trainer and manager in the equestrian field. Gunilla is a part of the HoofbeatZ team in Qatar and joined us mid November 2014.

Jessica Waldon

Intermediate Instructor-Qatar

“From England. Been training within the discipline of dressage for 8 years. Spent a year working at an elite dressage breeding and training yard where I attained my NVQ level 2 and competed in affiliated dressage. I then went on to work with a Hanoverian stud, assisting with training young dressage horses using Pirelli methods. I spent time training with a natural horsemanship professional, focusing particularly on problem horses. Also over the past year, I have assisted with training and coaching of an equestrian vaulting squad.”

Alessandra Fenzi

Intermediate Instructor-Qatar
Alessandra comes from Italy and has completed Level 3 of the Parelli Natural Horsemanship program and worked in Holland and Italy in the same field. She is lively team player and excellent with kids and adults who are learning our Speak Horse program. An equine lover she has continued to grow into the HoofbeatZ system and remains a strong member of our team. Alessandra is part of the HoofbeatZ team placed in Qatar.

Sam Harrison

Junior Instructor- Qatar

Sam is a horse enthusiast and was trained in our system. He jumps, and trick rides and is learning the ropes and an integral part of the clubs we hold. He has completed his Level 1 certification with HoofbeatZ instructor training program.