About Us

HoofbeatZ™ is an equestrian centre with a difference.

Founded by horsewoman Eileen Verdeick and businessman Anwer Sher, HoofbeatZ™ offers a range of unique equestrian-themed activities that draw on their own experiences of both the horse-world and the corporate environment. A refreshing and alternative approach to equestrianism, there is a sense that anything is possible at HoofbeatZ™ – from entertainment to dressage, SpeakHorse™ (horse whispering) to stunt riding, vaulting to team-building. HoofbeatZ™ strives to live up to its strapline – “Horses and Humans in Harmony”. This is evident from the high levels of care shown to each of their horses, many of whom are rescued and rehabilitated and the way in which all lessons are based on the philosophy of natural horsemanship which is not only kinder to the horse but allows for a deeper bond to develop between student and horse.

HoofbeatZ operates under its legal name of HoofbeatZ Equestrian Club LLC as a registered equestrian club License number 701330